Monday, October 15, 2012

Packed and Ready to Rock

It's our last day in Burkina before we fly off on our 50 day escapade around the world...

We're packed (mostly) and I've gotten through a lot of goodbyes. For me, it's my last day in Burkina after being here nearly three and a half years. It's a good thing that DW* is coming back here after the trip because I don't think we could handle having the both of us scrambling through last-minute goodbyes and packing up for good. It's also a good thing that I have this grand trip to look forward to; it's making all the sad parts of leaving so much easier...

Back to packing! Here's what all of our combined(!) luggage looks like:

I think we did pretty well on the packing light principle. (Surprising, considering the amount of cheap sweaters I had to buy second-hand at the market before heading into frigid 55 degree weather! brrrr)

Now, for a little run-down of the trip to get everyone caught up:

We leave right after midnight tonight, so technically Oct 16th and we get to the Washington DC area - where I'll settle into my new life in Americaland - on Nov 28th. From there, DW will continue back to Burkina Faso after a short stay, arriving where he started on Dec 2nd. Which makes his trip 48 days. (Sorry, we rounded for the blog's URL.)

Along the way we'll be visiting...
5 countries: France, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines
and 5 US cities: Honolulu, Hawaii; Seattle, Washington; New Orleans, Louisiana; Baltimore, Maryland; and...well...Northern Virginia (can we please just say Washington DC??)

Now, here's a quiz for any of you who haven't seen our detailed itinerary and/or been in the parts of the world in which we're travelling. Here's an alphabetical list of all the cities we'll be visiting or travelling through on the non-US part of our trip. Guess which country each city is in (some are much easier than others); answer in the comment section; the first person to get them all right gets a photo of us spelling out their initials with our bodies in the city of their choice...

1. Bangkok
2. Battambang
3. Cebu
4. Colombo
5. Galle
6. Kandy
7. Manila
8. Paris
9. Siem Reap

And, to help you visualize, here's a rough Google map of our stops along the way - although not all our stops are pictured so don't count on it too much to help you through the quiz:

Good luck and enjoy our blog - we'll do our best to post as much as we can with as many pictures as possible!!

*note for future reference: this is what I call Mr. David Duckworth


  1. Bangkok, Thailand
    BattamBang, Cambodia
    Cebu, Philippines
    Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Galle, Sri Lanka
    Kandy, Sri Lanka
    Manila, Philippines
    Paris, France (not Texas?)
    Siem Riep, Cambodia

    Sincerely and sorry not sorry,
    your friendly neighborhood geographer

  2. Rock the socks off the world, Lady and Gent! Look forward to seein your smilin faces over heyah.
    Wend na mangd y sora! (so appropriate!!!!)

  3. So excited for your trip! Hope your au revoirs went well. The great thing about having lived in Waga once you're back in the US (IMHO) is your co-workers can still probably keep in touch with FB.

    k dyeu vs envwa sur vot shemin n moed hurux, amoris, e oovert a too se ki pe arivai. bn vwyag de!

  4. Will be checking your blog every day,even though you didn't mention MS. ;)

  5. Best of luck as you make this exciting trip around the world. Okay, since I've spent some time in Bangkok, I advise you to only eat street food, especially pad thai and any salad-in-a-bag (you'll see what I mean) you can get your hands on. The fresh fruit skewers are amazing, and, although I don't eat meat, I hear that the chicken skewers are yummy too. Thailand rocks!

    Finally, please, please, please take full advantage of thai massage as often as you can. About $7-$10 should get you a 2 hour massage. Also, the feet in leeches (well, they are some sort of parasitic fish) thing is pretty cool if you happen to have the opportunity (they eat all of the dead skin off).

    ENJOY!!! --- Casey

  6. Sorry, "unknown," (Mom, I presume?), we didn't mention Mississippi because Em isn't going there, only me.

    Casey - FOOT LEECHES?? Well, maybe...

  7. Didn't try to smuggle in any knives?