Saturday, October 20, 2012

...Oh, but the view...

We'd like to give you all an idea of the place we've been staying during our Paris leg of the trip.

Nico's apartment is up in hilly Montmartre, about a block from the cafe where much of Amelie was filmed: "Cafe des 2 Moulins"

(We just had to have coffee there one touristy)

DW swears Amelie was a stalker. I'd like to believe she was less sinister than that. But this lit up movie poster is hard to argue with... Amelie, why you lookin so creepy??

We could've gotten the Amelie special - a drink and a creme brulee...but had some spicy cappucinos instead.

And we're also just around the corner from the infamous Moulin Rouge 

(you wouldn't believe the line outside of it on a Friday night - it made us wonder if there was actually something THAT worth seeing inside or if it was just the famous-factor that made it so popular...)

So, the location of the apartment is just grand - a super interesting part of town. But then, there are the stairs...

Seven flights of stairs. Over 200 steps. And on our tired out-of-shape legs and feet that are already trucking it all around Paris by day and night. Phew.

It's also definitely a small apartment (is there any other kind under the million dollar range in Paris??) up under the eaves...which can make bathing a bit of a challenge for the taller of the two of us

But, it's still a very charming place that has made DW say (about a million times a day) "I just want to live here!" "I love this apartment!!" etc.

And one other thing to love about the apartment are the views....oh, the views...

The Eiffel Tower out of one side of the apartment:

And Sacre Coeur on the other:

Oh, and then there's the 360 degree view that can be had from the rooftop (forgive us, Jill - it was beautiful!!):

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  1. Awww, Amber and I are super jealous! Looking forward to seeing you next month -- and to someday walking up the stairs to Nico's place.